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Why is Lucida Web one of the best website design companies for small business?

- Complete custom website starting at 1200$

- Website ready in a matter of days

- Custom tools and tutorials to help you build and update your content yourself

- Professional SEO Services

- Well designed website with responsive design

- Satisfaction guaranteed

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It takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.

Get the best first impression with our unique and modern web designs.  


Extend your reach and gain a ton of new customers.

Having your own website is a great way for you to grow your brand, acquire loyal customers, gain new insights, and get creative with your marketing.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the name of the game. 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

Get found on Google and bring customers to your website with a sound SEO strategy and concrete actions. 


Over 65% of users who click on a Google Ads have a formal intention to buy. The success and profitability of Google Ads, made it the # 1 online advertising.

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We are honest and transparent.

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No pressure! We don’t push to sell additional web design and SEO services you do not need right now.

Lucida Web is the most affordable web design company and we proudly provide the best websites and professional SEO services for small businesses.

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Why invest in a website?

By investing in a website, you can reach specific target markets that you were unable to reach before and grow your business. A website gives your business more credibility and is the perfect place to showcase your industry authority.

How long does it take to create a new business website?

On average, we aim to complete projects within 1 to 4 weeks. How much input you can provide during the initial stages, your availability with feedback and the complexity of your site all affects the speed of completion.

How much does a website cost at Lucida Web?

There is not one single answer to this question. A website design is quoted based on the needs of each individual project. Every website is unique and requires different components. Our sites start at 1200$ and almost never exceed 3000$. If you need a simple business website to showcase your company and services, it will cost you around 1200$. If you need a large bilingual ecommerce site, it will be around 3000$.

Will I own my website and be able to update it myself?

Yes! When your site is complete, we will hand you the keys. The last thing you need is a website agency that will hold you hostage with your web assets’ intellectual property.

We will provide you with video tutorials to help you learn your way around. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a techy, we will make it simple for you!

What is SEO and why invest in it?

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of ranking a website on the search engines to increase its visibility when users search for relevant keywords and queries. As you can increase the ranking of a site across a range of keywords, you will begin to see an increase in the organic traffic that it receives and that means more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

How much does SEO services cost at Lucida Web?

In North America the average SEO cost is between $5000 to $30000 for a one-time project.

At Lucida Web, we work for small business owners, and we know that it is not realistic to spend that kind of money when you can’t be sure of the result you will get. Nevertheless, we know how SEO is important and is essential in today’s web strategies. We implement the pro’s method for a fraction of the price. For a one-time project, you can expect to pay between 1000$ to 2000$ depending on your needs and objectives.